What is S4?

S4 is the core of Tech Partner's IT philosophy


IT security is a requirement for any modern company. Tech Partners Hawaii utilizes a multilayered approach, ensuring your business is protected at all times.


Stability starts with a solid foundation. Tech Partners Hawaii helps to assess and strengthen that foundation to ensure optimal uptime and efficiency for your business.


No matter how prepared an organization is there is always the need for IT helpdesk support. Tech Partners Hawaii provides first line helpdesk services for all staff requests.


For businesses to grow they must ensure their IT strategies align with their business goals. Tech Partners Hawaii can assist in making sure IT decisions help achieve your business objectives.

Tech Partners Hawaii – Your IT Partner

Tech Partners Hawaii 2023 logo

The word “Partners” in our business name is not an accident. Tech Partners Hawaii believes in going beyond basic computer, server and network support and actually partnering with our clients to help them utilize technology to achieve their business goals. We strive to create meaningful business relationships that benefit our clients by providing hardened Security services, ensuring Stable computing environments, offering world class Support and being a part of Strategic business planning. We succeed when you succeed.